Share your Style Guide with your team and clients
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... and give your documentation superpowers



Fix the Designer/Developer Process


User Access

Finally a good way to share your docs with designers, PMs and clients.

Your style guide stays private until you're ready to share it.

Invite users to your organization or just to collaborate on an individual style guide.


No more random email threads or slack conversations.

Each component gets its own channel - so comments can be made right next to each component.

As the component grows and changes over time, each decision is documented in the component channel - so you don't have to chase down some email you sent a year ago or a buried team chat somewhere.


Version History

See the history of a component over time.

Alert collaborators when a new version is out.

As a component changes - don't lose track of its history. You're always able to go back and see what it looked like in the past.

How it Works


Use the tools you're already using

Write your component documentation in Storybook, Docz or Styleguidist

Connect your GitHub project to AmplifyDocs

Link AmplifyDocs with GitHub and select the repo with your docs

Invite others to see and collaborate on your docs

Give access to the rest of your team, including: developers, designers, project managers and clients


Online Docs

Your component documentation is securely hosted online, ready to be shared

User Permissions

Share and protect your style guides with multi-level access rights

Version History

See past versions and a history of your UI design

Component Gallery

See all of your components at a glance, include props and different variations

Comment Threads

Give and receive feedback on the latest version of your app's components


Your documentation automatically updates when you push code to GitHub

Documentation is Powerful


You spend a lot of time writing documentation for your components. Don't let that go to waste!

AmplifyDocs takes your docs out of your development environment and puts them where you can easily share them. You can invite a project's designers, developers, project managers and even your clients to view the documentation.

Once you can easily see your documented components, development speeds up, project cycle time is reduced because designers can sign off on components before they're used and trust is built when managers can see what is going on in the project.


Open Source


Public style guides

Unlimited Collaborators









4 Private style guides

8 Collaborators





No credit card required




20 Private style guides

40 Collaborators

Custom Branding

Multi-tier Permissions



No credit card required



Per-User Pricing

Support SLA


Custom S3 Buckets

SAML Sign On

Granular Permissions


Can't I Just Host My Style Guide Myself?


Most component documentation libraries do have a self host option - but here are three reasons why AmplifyDocs is a better choice:

AmplifyDocs is much easier than self hosting

Just connect your GitHub project and go! You don't need to figure out how to get the docs publically available or how to share it with your team - that's all built in.

User access rights are built in

When you host docs by yourself - they're public by default and it can take a lot of work to secure them. AmplifyDocs comes with multiple user rights and permissions that you can set - and ensure that only the right people see the right docs.

Supercharging your docs with comments and version history

Documentation isn't static - it changes over the life of your project. AmplifyDocs lets your team comment on the components, directly in the documentation! This speeds up communication time and reduces confusion. Also - with the power of git, you can also see all the past versions of your documentation - and link back to the code that built it. Isn't it time that docs have version history like code?

Meet the Team


Hi! We're Chris and Coby. We've been developers for a decade and have experienced how difficult projects can be without good documentation - and that's why we built AmplifyDocs.

We're here to help your projects be the best that they can be! So if you want your docs to be more accessible and useful OR if you think you should be making better docs, but don't know how - we can help.

Sign up for AmplifyDocs below or feel free to reach out directly:

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